Tuesday, February 10, 2015

GoodReads, Amazon Kindle Unlimited and Other Stuff - thoughts by Sheri

I love social media.  Not going to lie - I am addicted to Facebook.  I love seeing what people are doing (even those I haven't seen in over 30 years), love keeping track of all my kids comings and goings and love watching funny goat videos.  I also Tweet (some). And now, we have a social media for reading - GoodReads.  I can see what friends and family are currently reading and what they want to read.  I can read what others think about books that I am considering, which is cool!  Reading AND social media - I am in heaven!!!  

Because GoodReads isn't quite enough for me, I also just joined Amazon's Kindle Unlimited which offers a huge collection of books that you can read for free.  Well, free after you pay $9.99 a month - so not free. But you know what I mean.   Both of these are great ways to get introduced to authors you are not familiar with.  Because I read SO much, I have to fill the void until my favorite authors next book(s) comes out.  

Looking over our blog, I realized that most of what we write about is Lisa and her books.  Which is fine and great and wonderful but we do have other "favorites".  We both like to read Nora Roberts.  I'm not a huge romance reader.  I am more into ghost stories. I like psychological thrillers.  Back in the 90s, I discovered Barbara Michaels (Mertz) and read every spooky book she wrote and went to every reading/signing she did. She was the first author I really came to know on a personal basis and I was so sad when I learned that she passed away.  I feel fortunate to have met her and gotten to know her.   Not only were the stories scary, a lot of the them took place locally which I love!  

While surfing Amazon about two years ago, I stumbled upon an English writer - Sarah Rayne, who I feel writes very similarly to Barbara and immediately became smitten.  From Amazon.com, "Much of the inspiration for her dark psychological thrillers comes from the histories and atmospheres of old buildings...."  LOVE THIS.  I read everything that Amazon US had to offer and begged the publisher to offer all of hers available in the UK to us.  They listened!  I feel a personal connection with her as well, we communicate via email every few months or so.  

I have had to overcome by feeling of being disloyal to Lisa and Sarah and know that it's okay to like what others write.  And I have the internet to thank for the ability to read whatever I want.  Without the internet, there would be no Amazon, no GoodReads. Ahhh...so many books, so little time.  

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